Professional Training and Education to Enhance Careers

A company's growth depends on the development of its team, because individual employees will only be successful if they are well prepared for their current and future roles. We have a wide range of training and development opportunities for Dentsply Sirona employees to promote their career progression, including: seminars on specialized topics, IT and language courses, and top of the line global leadership development and sales excellence training programs.

Our global performance management programs empower employees to participate in the realization of Dentsply Sirona’s overall strategy, enhancing motivation and goal orientation, and further encouraging entrepreneurial thinking. Through our global development programs, Dentsply Sirona employees receive comprehensive support in their personal and professional development, including skill set enhancement required for international project management. Our employees benefit from exposure to various aspects of Dentsply Sirona’s business while engaging in international projects and initiatives.

Because we believe our employees are our most valuable resource, Dentsply Sirona is continuously committed to further enhancing our high-performance and employee-oriented culture.